GAME REVIEW – First 15 Minutes of Heroes of Dire (via Spellbook)

Nothing but new here! I couldn’t find any reviews!

Turn based strategy with an interesting design style to it.

This game takes a bit of time to learn, but after diving in a bit deeper this game can give you hours and hours of fun gameplay, customizing your toons, and creating awesome magics!

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Review – Therian Saga (via Virtys)

Therian Saga is one of the most in-depth games I’ve played in a long time. The game mechanics are pretty simple. Lots of clicking and waiting, however, the customizing is intense!

What I found wonderful about this game is that it allows you to play at your own pace, no need for rushing here. Get through the basics of the game and continue to expand your abilities.

Want to have some time away from the town? Find a raid. Go fight some baddies. Team up with your friends and win! said: “Fantastically in depth game that offers plenty of new content to come with allot already available! perfect for people who have a real life and job outside of the internet game world. set your tasks for your character for the day, and go to work..come back and the tasks are completed, then its time for a few dungeon runs!” said: “Explore a quest dungeon and engage in some combat, all which is very casual and easy to play, but surprisingly enjoyable for someone that doesn’t generally play these kinds of games. As lots of other features and mechanics such as global chat, Guilds, trading and the type of things you would expect of an MMO title, and all very well done.”

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Review – FreeStyle Football (via Joycity)

This is my first sports game that I’ve played since beginning my reviews!

I really enjoyed this game. The mechanics are relatively simple, and the replay-ability is vast. You can play versus other people, or play with the computer. Level up your character and enjoy different scenes as you kick the ball around with a 5-man team. said: “FreeStyle Football is easy to learn, difficult to master; the casual player’s football game. It does suffer from some latency issues and server instability, but makes up for it with familiar controls, zany characters, and a style it can call its own. If you’re interested, get some buddies and work together as a team to pass the ball and score goals. Winning will feel all the more rewarding. FreeStyle Football is a good casual football game you jump into every now and then when you want a random pick up and play game, well worth jumping into on a lazy Saturday afternoon.” said: “If you’ve found FIFA and PES too complicated, with their many buttons and various modes, Freestyle Football is worth a shot. And if you’re a lapsed New Star Soccer player, this is, unexpectedly, a decent place to indulge in some vaguely tactical kickabouts. I find it all a bit of a mess in many ways, particularly the actual menus which are noisy and cluttered. It’s always giving me gifts for logging in but when I accept them, they just go and sit in one of my inventories and I forget about them. I never forget to open gifts in real life. And the next time an apparently perfect pass trickles into touch because of lag, I’ll probably hang my boots up for good. BUT it does have that solid kernel of teamplay, built around these rapid, weirdly convincing football matches.”

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Review – Fallout Shelter (via Bethseda)

A brand new game! I’ve never played Fallout before… so this is my first introduction to the game!

A lot like the game 60 Seconds (reviewed here), you must survive!

I actually enjoyed playing this game even though I was lost a bit in the beginning. Get all your toons. Put them in certain rooms that match their abilities and maximize output. I like this mechanic. Makes you think.

You can also have your people fall in love and make babies too! said: “Fallout Shelter is at its best early on: when your fledgling vault is barely able to scrape by, and every raider attack has the potential to topple your fragile society. Once your vault is firmly established, all fear of losing, and thus the fun, fades away. Combine this with a lack of compelling longterm goals, and you have an experience that’s fun for a few days, but lacks long-term appeal.” said: “It’s a fun diversion, but it’s mostly a diversion I’ve played with when I’m away from my PC. If you’ve never tried the game on mobile devices, it might hold your interest for a bit, but like many F2P games with micro-transactions, there’s a lot of waiting involved. Personally, I’d rather be playing Fallout 4, but at least this one is free.”

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