Review – Shadowverse CCG (via Cygames)

Can I say OMG? I am absolutely in love with this game. So much so, that I didn’t give a sh*t about the timer and kept on playing after the first 15 minutes were up. I’m loving the voice over acting, the game mechanics, and the UI/UX experience. The animations are spot on and the dialogue sucks you right into the story line. and IGN said that this game is worth it… see what they say: said: “Shadowverse is a fun and entertaining game to play. A game made even more entertaining by the amazing anime-style artwork and cutesy voice acting. Aesthetics aside, Shadowverse also offers fast, unforgiving card matches, as well as a different take on the genre with its unique deck mechanics and Evolution system. If you’re a fan of CCG’s or looking to break into the genre, then you should definitely give this one a try.”

IGN said: “TLDR – if you’re a CCG fan looking for something new to try, Shadowverse is well worth a look.”

I think they’re underselling it. This game is fantastic.

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Peter Saddington VLOG13DAY26 – A Broadsword and Setting up Photo Rig

Today we complete the setup for the photography rig… almost. We’re very close! Lots to do 🙂
I also get to show one of my subscribers the broadsword. Put it to good use 😉

Sorry about not including an unboxing experiment… I just ran out of time and forgot to change the title! *sigh* – More failing! I’ll try to punch one out tomorrow!

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Review – Eternal Card Game (via Dire Wolf Digital)

I had zero expectations for this game coming into it… but man, I had a blast. As a perenial lover of card games and strategy, this game scratched my itch big time. A game that’s hailed as more strategy than fast gameplay, I’m sold.

Kitguru said: “Hearthstone has been a hugely successful game for Blizzard, because it took elements of Magic the Gathering, streamlined it and made it more accessible to everyone. Eternal is looking to take the next step on that developmental ladder, taking inspiration from MtG, Hex and Hearthstone, to create something that blends them all together in a competitive trading card game…It’s also quite a pretty game. The art isn’t on the same level as Hearthstone, but it has a hand drawn charm to it that with a little bit more work could be very striking.” said: “What Eternal lacks in production value, it more than makes up for with a depth and complexity that card enthusiasts all over the world will definitely enjoy. That being said, the game isn’t for everyone, especially casual gamers who prefer fast and fun Hearthstone-like matches without the need to dwell too much on strategy, favorable trades, and the RNG nature of a draw-based resource pool. If you’re the type of gamer who enjoys just that, then you’ll love this game. If not, the game is free-to-play and there’s no harm in trying it out. Just be prepared to invest a whole lot of time.”

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Review – Trove (via Trion Worlds)

Like minecraft? Like battling it out with unlimited customization of character and environment? Like grinding and hacking and slashing your way to victory? This might just be the block-type-MMO you’ve been looking for.

I really enjoyed playing through it. The gameplay was simple, and the tutorial got me right into the game. Look for dungeons, that’s how you level up fast!

Gamespot said: “But it is an MMOG that I’d enjoy visiting every now and then, possibly several times a week. That’s enough to make Trove a success, and its speedy updates and randomly generated worlds help make every visit feel different from the last.” said: “Pros: +Simple, familiar hack ‘n slash gameplay. +Varied classes. +Simple, familiar customizable housing. +Fair cash shop. +Daily allowance of secondary cash shop currency. +Community-created content.
Cons: -Unlocking various blocks is a major grind. -Gameplay is marginally the same dungeon after dungeon. -Poorly designed dungeons.”

PCGamer said: “Trove excels at giving players a fully realized, customizable world, but it’s the small details in the game’s menu structure and user interface that bog it down. It’s easy to get lost in the countless player-created and official worlds, but also a chore at times to determine what your next objective dictates…. The beauty of Minecraft isn’t what the developer leaves behind for you, it’s what you make of the tools provided, and Trove towers over its competition on the breadth of its colorful and surprisingly dense landscapes.”

We’re here to find out.

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Review – Transformice (via Atelier 801)

Have you ever thought about being a mouse running for cheese? Of course you have, especially if you participate in corporate America (insert joke here).

This game, according to Kotaku, is “pure mayhem, everyone should play it.”

PCGamer said: “Chaos is the overriding force that governs this game.”

Well, we here at the First15 aim to find out whether these claims are true!

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Peter Saddington VLOG10.DAY23 – Surround Yourself with Encouraging People

Today we meet with JB and Matt, two entrepreneurs who are killing the game! I love surrounding myself with other successful people. The ideas. The ideas!

I’m digging hardcore into Adobe Premier Pro. THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO EVER USING THIS PROGRAM! It’s such a great program. I actually had a ton of fun doing it. Totally worth it. It’ll improve over time too! Continue reading “Peter Saddington VLOG10.DAY23 – Surround Yourself with Encouraging People”

Review – Spiral Knights (via Grey Havens)

Landed on an alien world? Struggling for survival? Hack-and-slash with your friends? Cute looking graphics? Yes, please! Spiral Knights is a great game that gets your immediately involved in the action. Helpful tool tips as you traverse the first area help you learn your character.

I especially enjoyed the choice of gameplay. You can use mouse to move, AWSD, or a gamepad. It’s nice that they give you the option up front.

Spending about another hour playing, I leveled up my toon, leveled up my gear and enjoyed the game far better after I got away from my crappy pea shooter to a much better ranged gun (did I ever tell you I love playing ranged characters)?

I also realized that apparently this game is like 7 years old… don’t matter! I’m still new to all of it!

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