GAME REVIEW – Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

Get in the jam! Freestyle 2: Street Basketball is a riot! They throw you right in the action and get jamming!

What I appreciated most is that there is a consistent legend on the right side of the screen that lets you know all of the move buttons. For someone jumping right into the game this is immensely helpful.

After jumping right in, I was paired with 2 other random people playing the game too.  We WON our first 2 games and then got smoked on our 3rd.

The graphics are very anime cartoon style, loved that. The gameplay was intuitive, and with more practice, you certainly get better and better.

The downside, however, is team play… if you can consider it a downside… I played one game where the guy just never passed!

Other than that, this is a free-to-play game. Loved every minute! said: “FreeStyle 2 is an incredibly polished basketball-themed game and is a huge improvement over the first FreeStyle game. Anyone even remotely interested in sports games should find a lot to like with FreeStyle 2. The only real drawbacks are the few game modes and lack of full-court play, along with some minor pay-to-win elements.”

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GAME REVIEW – First 15 Minutes of APB Reloaded

An uninspired FPS MMO? I think most likely. For those who are seasoned in the FPS Grand Theft Auto series would most likely be disappointed. The uninspired graphics and play style could be more-of-the same.

I found the game a bit wonky to get into, the tutorial is a figure-it-out-as-you-go style, that isn’t super helpful. A bit of intuition can get you going.

The real action started when I realized I could start killing other players as they do missions… that’s when the real fun began! said: “Most of APB’s problems remain in Reloaded. It even inherited a few new ones, as it is currently seeded with cheaters. The original game was arguably killed too soon, so the switch to free-to-play means interested parties should at least take a weekend city break back to San Paro. But this is no revitalisation – APB Reloaded is rehash, replication, and repetition.” said: “Presented as Grand Theft Auto meets MMO it had neither the confidence of the former nor the lifespan of the latter. It was ambitious but also doomed. Poor driving controls, humdrum shooting matches and a lack of variety couldn’t save it from the ire of heartless critics, myself included, not even when Realtime Worlds collapsed and the game was bought and relaunched as APB Reloaded.”

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GAME REVIEW – Warframe (via Digital Extremes)

All I can say is “wow.” This game has all the elements of a great MMO FPS. Great graphics, a fun (beginning) storyline, lots of different weapons, and complete madness when in the thick of things.

The game looks absolutely beautiful, and for me, that helps get me into the game, the immersion of sorts. The controls (for me) took a little bit of time to get adjusted to, but I found that my MMO gaming mouse really helped out as I learned which buttons did what.

I enjoyed playing this past the first 15 minutes… and you should too. said: “It’s 2016 and Warframe is still an excellent game. Warframe has its problems, sure (mostly the grind and balancing). I felt more like a ninja in Metal Gear Rising.The enemies were more fun to fight in Gears of War. The guns are a lot more satisfying in Halo. As persistent online games go, however I think it’s the best one out there right now. It’s free, and it’s available on just about every major gaming platform out there. Definitely give it a try.” said: “For a free-to-play game, Warframe is a great MMO that can keep players entertained and hold their attention for hours on end, unless you’re the type that’s easily put off by grinding for items because this game has more than its fair share of repetitive grinding. The lack of endgame content and goals may also deter hardcore players. Even so, it’s still worth checking out, even if it’s just for the campaign or for players looking for a change of pace from their usual mainstream games. Overall, Warframe is a fun game with huge potential. Aside from the visual eye-candy, the fast-paced gameplay and ninja/parkour combat alone should be enough to entice even the most finicky player. I mean, who doesn’t love ninjas?”

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GAME REVIEW – Tiger Knight: Empire War (via Oasis Games)

SORRY FOR THE AUDIO. Gawd. I can never get it right the first time! More testing is needed!

Regardless, if your looking for absolute madness and mayhem, this is the game for you. It certainly gives you the feeling of complete madness of medieval fighting. What’s happening? Who knows?! said: “Tiger Knight: Empire Wars is a solid game with a lot of potential but one plagued by optimization issues, limited maps, and a ridiculously long Duel Mode queue. The combat also feels clunky. That being said, the game places players in the middle of the action, allowing them to experience the violence, and confusion of medieval battles. The matches are fun to play, especially the Epic War mode. Best of all, the game is free so there’s nothing to lose by trying this game out. Overall, a good game and one that I’d recommend.” said: “This is probably one of the best free to play MMORPGs I have ever played in terms of fun factor. The graphics are beautiful if you can turn them up high enough, Tiger Knights‘ Duel mode is probably the most flawed game mode because it has no spawn protection and it sometimes stacks all the skilled players on one team, leaving new players and unskilled fighters to try and struggle on another team together.”

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GAME REVIEW – Gems of War (via 505 Games)

Gems of War is probably THE best game for someone who enjoys strategy and RPG games in a “gem-type” format. For someone new to this type of game, it would probably be overkill for sure, but for me, someone who is new to this archetype of game, it was absolutely perfect.

The music is engaging, the progression through the game is solid, and the voice over acting is wonderful.

I enjoyed every moment of this game. For me, that’s a BIG deal! This game is pure #win for a gem-based game. said: “The Match-3 genre is one of the stalwarts of the casual game space, but all that means is that there are plenty of bad products trying to grab the attention of unwary gamers. With its depth of gameplay systems and huge amount of single and multiplayer content, Gems of War is one of the best across all platforms and one of the few high-quality casual games on current gen consoles. It isn’t the most beautiful or artistically consistent game in the world, with an art style that could be charitably described as generic high-fantasy. On the other hand, it is a free-to-play game that rarely reminds the player that they could or should be paying real money.” said: “There are lots of stages to unlock in Gems of War, tons of great artwork to admire, and an engaging story to follow along with. It’s just too bad 505 Games went with a “pay to enter” free-to-play formula. If any match-three puzzle / battle game is worth a simple one-time fee of five bucks or so, Gems of War is it.”

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